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October 4th, 2010 9:32 PM
Here is some handy information on some of the many real estate web sites that infiltrate the web and provide information, or sometimes mis information to people looking at real estate.  Most every site gets it's core information from the proprietary MLS (multiple listing service) site that the agents use to list and keep properties updated. Some of the more frequently visited sites have terrible information relative to which homes are actually available, sold, or pending.  Also I have found that these sites typically do not chart changes to the listings very well. In other words, they will extract the information from the MLS systems when the listings are inputed, but they do a very poor job of keeping track of photo changes, price changes, and status changes.  I suggest using nearly any agents IDX site, most are for free and at most will require some info from you to allow access.  One of the biggest dis service comes from sites that try and provide a value of your home or provide a suggested value of a property or listing.  Think about it, what are they doing here, they are simply numbers crunching, there is no input for quality, utility, location, etc.  These sites, take sale prices, divided by square footage, lot sizes (whether useable or not) and crunch the numbers. It would be like an appraiser never coming out to the property for an appraisal.  The results are misleading and not reliable.  Some information is worth what it costs.  Free

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